Privacy at TipTop Vintage



Who we are: TipTop Vintage is an online store run by Annamieke Thomas, selling mostly mid century and retro items.

Site overview and your privacy: TipTop Vintage takes the issue of site security and user privacy seriously. In line with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of May 2018 we have updated our privacy policy to inform site visitors, subscribers and customers of the data we collect and why. Our site is powered by WordPress which is installed on our web space provided by our web hosting provider. (The WordPress platform is used by around one third of all websites worldwide.) We are https ‘green padlock’ secure, which means data entry on our site is securely encrypted, and so guarded against ‘middleman’ hacker attacks. Furthermore our WordPress installation has its own firewall to prevent attacks.

Data of users or subscribers: On our site this is only viewed by TipTop Vintage administrators. Except in an extreme situation where our terms of service are violated or in which we would be required by law so to do, personal data collected by TipTop Vintage will never be disclosed or sold to any third party.

Our shopping system: We use WooCommerce, a well supported and regularly updated WordPress E-commerce platform with over a million installs worldwide. When you purchase something from us, as part of the buying and selling process, we collect the personal information you give us such as your name, address and email address. In providing us with this personal information to complete a transaction, arrange for a delivery or return a purchase, you imply that you consent to our collecting it and using it for that reason only. All orders are made and stored in a secured SQL database provided by our web space provider. Our shopping system only receives your order details, name, address, email and (optionally) telephone number, along with IP address and other meta data such as browser type. Customer data is used solely to enable us to ship items and communicate about orders, and for our own records. These records are normally held by us for an indefinite period of time at our discretion.

Payments: We never see or have any access to customer payment details. Our payment provider is PayPal, and payments are handled securely on their site. PayPal has its own privacy policy here to which you can refer.

Customer Accounts and Emails: A customer may optionally create a user account at the checkout page. This will be a password protected login to a personal account on our database where a history of orders etc, may be viewed. The account can be deleted at any time by the customer. When a customer purchases on our site, the shopping system sends a new order notification to us with details of the order, and a similar confirmation to the customer by Email. We receive an Email confirmation that payment has been received from PayPal. When we ship the order we send the customer an Email notification with a postal tracking link. The customer may also receive other order information Emails from us if necessary.

Cookies: ‘Cookies’ from our site and its plugins may be stored on your computer browser. Cookies are very small text files made whilst using a website. They can contain all sorts of information, their usual intention is to make your browsing more efficient. If you look at the cookies in your browser settings pages you will probably notice hundreds of cookies from sites you have visited. This is quite usual. In your browser settings you can easily delete them and/or set your own policy on cookies. Whilst visiting our site on a desktop or laptop computer you can see (and control) cookies in use by clicking on our secure site padlock icon (in the site address bar at the top of your browser window). Cookies used by WordPress sites are detailed here. Cookies used by our Woocommerce shopping system are listed here. Should you want further information about cookies click here for a Wikipedia page.

Data we collect of site visitors: Anonymous visitor data is collected and stored in our web space by a statistics plugin. We use this to see how many visitors we have and which pages are most viewed to help us with product selection and site improvement. These records are held for a period of 90 days and then automatically deleted. We also use Google Analytics (see Third Party section). The data collected is typically:

  • IP address with country, device type and browser type
  • Site pages visited

Data we collect of customers: Received by our WooCommerce shopping system on our web space, and required for order fulfilment and our records, this will typically be:

  • Email address
  • Name and postal address (and delivery address if different)
  • Telephone number (if optionally provided at checkout)
  • Product order details including any customer checkout note
  • IP address
  • Any subsequent Emails sent or received with regard to orders

Data we collect of subscribers: We may use a subscriber submit form on some pages. There is a checkbox and link to this privacy page for a new subscriber to first read. By submitting it is implied that consent is given to our collecting email and (optionally) name, and using it for the specific purpose of sending newsletters. We do not spam. Subscribers may at any time contact us to unsubscribe, and newsletters will always contain an unsubscribe link at the footer. We delete unsubscribed users from our subscription list. Data collected will typically be:

  • Email address
  • Name (if optionally provided)
  • IP address

Using links on our site: We have links to our Facebook and Instagram social media pages, along with links to Wikipedia and PayPal providing information to site users. We only link to sites we believe are safe, however these are to be used at the visitors discretion. This privacy policy does not cover the operation or use of other sites, which may themselves set ‘cookies’ and will have privacy policies of their own. Links on our site may change over time.

Third Party Data: As part of visiting our site the following data only is communicated to third parties.

  • Customer order and payment details will be held by our payment provider PayPal. (PayPal privacy policy here)
  • We also use Google Analytics for anonymous site visitor statistics. Google provide a browser add-on to opt out of their analytics here. You may read Google’s privacy policy here

Your Rights: Under European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) from 25th May 2018, you may at any time:

  • Request a copy of your data which we will provide within 30 days.
  • Request that your data be anonymized which we will do within 30 days.
  • Whilst we do everything we reasonably can to keep our site secure, in the event of a data breach or misuse, we will inform our customers and subscribers of what happened and what we have done to put it right within 30 days.
  • If you wish to read more about your rights and the GDPR legislation, click here for a Wikipedia page with detailed information and other links.

Further Information: Most of us are not I.T. experts so we have tried to avoid overly technical detail which might be confusing! We have provided links for further information, (though do first read our section on using links!) If you have any questions about your privacy using our site you may contact us for further clarification at any time. A contact page is always available from the top menu on the site, and a link to this privacy page is available at the foot of all pages.