Vintage Clown Painting – Oil On Metal


This stunning and vibrant painting of a clown will certainly not go unnoticed on any wall!

The picture has been skillfully painted with oil onto metal and is colourful, lively and quite endearing. It is signed “Ivanovitch” with the year 82. Though I have not been able to find other information on the artist, I have discovered similarly sized pictures by him/her online, at well over double my asking price. The frame is wonderful, solid and also vintage, I believe it dates from the 1960’s, and in very good shape. There are a couple of little marks, but I have not tried to clean or restore it as they are not really noticeable. Although the frame predates the painting, it suits it very well. {Glass jar is to show indication of size}

I rarely buy items from the 1980’s, but this clown with his kind and knowing look could not be left behind. He would look great in either a vintage or modern interior!

  • Condition: Very good. Please refer to photos for up close detail.
  • Size: Frame height 72 cm -Width 61 cm, Painting height 51 cm – Width 41 cm
  • Material: Oli painted on metal, set in a wood frame. Glazed.
  • Shipping: Courier £7.50 UK mainland
  • Email me if you need any further info!

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