1970s Orange “Tropicana” Electric Kettle by GEC (General Electric Company)


A highly unusual vintage piece, this gorgeous bright orange kettle was made by the GEC Company in South Africa in the early 1970s, from a plastic invented by them in the early 1960s. The material was “Noryl” a heat resistant plastic developed by GEC in 1964. It was later used for the dashboard of the VW Golf Mk1.

This amazing piece of 1970s history, with its atomic heritage, is still in full working order and in excellent vintage condition. It really is quite rare to find an electrical item still in its original box, especially as it comes with the instructions and  “Noryl” label included.

I have never seen another like it, nor have I found one online, so you really will be buying a unique item to show off in your retro kitchen!

We always recommend that for your safety you get any electrical items checked over by an electrician before use. (Please see our FAQ)

  • Condition: Excellent vintage condition, with some usage marks and minor scratches but nothing that detracts. The box cover has some wear and tear, but the box itself is solid and stable. Please see pics for up close detail.  I used the kettle for a couple of days, and it is in good working order. The cable, although of an older type, is also in good condition.
    • *NB. Safety is the buyers responsibility on vintage items. We always suggest electrical items be tested by an electrician to ensure electrical safety*
  • Size: Height, Width,Depth
  • Weight: kg
  • Material: Plastic and metal
  • Shipping: Courier £5.99 UK mainland

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